The Ring Holder (the two parts)


Small, efficient and unique!  An irreplaceable painting tool to totally change your painting game. Delivery time for our existing backers is October 2019. For new customers, estimated delivery is December 2019.

    • 1x-Holder (the two parts)





Move it vertically and horizontally in a blink. Your miniature will never drop, it offers stability and precision to the smallest detail. No strain felt in your hands.Simply to use and efficient, we can really say that this is an indispensable miniature painting holder which, you don’t actually hold because your finger is doing all the work by keeping it attached to it just like a ring! It is the first holder allowing your hands to move freely while still having it in your hand, this way the painting process speeds up and you feel less stressed by holding and releasing when you need to grab some other painting bits.  

  • 360° rotation vertically and horizontally
  • Lightweight
  • No stress on hand
  • You can reach the highest precision
  • Convenient size
  • Fast and secure attachment with the N52 magnets
  • Attractive design

Shipping time: 2/5 days