The Mushroom painting handle


3X sliders (clamp your miniature).
1X rotating wheel STL File (the exterior rotating wheel).
1X rotating core STL File(the part that drives the sliders).
1X handle case STL File .

A total of 6 STL files to print your own miniature handle for as many times as you want (non-commercial).

Delivery time: Instant


Sliders use 10mm by 1.5mm pins.(they can be made of a 1.5mm copper wire).

You will need 2 screws 2.2mm by 9.5mm and 3 screws 2.2mm by 6mm.( see the picture below)


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The Mushroom painting handle

No putty, no flying minis, no strength needed to attach your project, just simply mount it and start painting. Versatile with all base sizes, from 20mm up to 50mm, just rotate the handle and its claws will expand or retract. It has a convenient design and it can’t be easier to use!