Cap N’ Paint


1x Cap N’ Paint handle
2x Putty Mounting Base
1X Cork Base
1X Stability Bar (80mm or 120mm)
1X Base holder(the paint bottle not included as you need to use your own to keep them alive)


Shipping time: 2/5 days

Arriving time uncertain due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Normal UK arriving time between 2 to 5 days.

Normal EU arriving time between 5 to 7 days.

Normal arriving time for the rest of the world between 10 to 15 days.



Cap ’N Paint feels familiar to hold from the 1st grip, easy to grab and lightweight, will make it easy to love from the very 1st use.  It’s efficient through its simplicity and it gives exactly what is needed, a secure grip, absolutely no strain on the hand, pleasant to hold and work with as long as you need to.  Suitable for any miniature paint dropper bottle similar to (Vallejo, Army Painter bottles), you just cap it and paint!!  We thought of this concept one day by looking around and thinking “what if we can take full use of what we already have around us?” and the little paint bottle was the ideal candidate for the most complex, light and smart handle. Not only a handle, it is as well a bottle opener in case of a stuck lid from the paint excess set at the surface.

The 360 full rotation permits you to reach even the hardest, smallest areas, giving you a precise clean reach.   Steady support base for the bottle, offering a secure standing hold for the drying of your paintwork, no spilling when the bottle is open and no dropping.  Effortless, precision of a steady hand which is essential in miniature painting is given by the stability bar, making sure no mistakes are made when reaching small details to paint. Hands are feeling relaxed even after hours of creation.

3D view of Cap N’ Paint handle

How would the Cap N’ Paint handle describe itself:

”I was conceived to mix the paint bottles you don’t use too often. I was conceived to eliminate the fatigue of your hand in a long painting session. I was conceived to give you high accuracy to the smallest detail and most important, I was born out of passion for the  miniature painting art!”